• cosna Produktion


Our products are distinguished for their excellent quality, being hand-made and having a spirit of innovation. Good working conditions, close customer contact and product safety are all givens for us at COSNA.


Every new and further development of our products takes place under strict compliance with existing German safety conditions for cosmetic products.


We have been developing and marketing nail polishes in our own factory since 1992.

Supplying small quantities (36 items per polish) has made Cosna what we are today. Now we offer our customers larger quantities and packaging.






For a flat-rate fee, we can reproduce colours or develop new shades.

All our polishes are freshly produced for each customer on receipt of order.




We can also produce small quantities for you from 36 bottles per colour.




On request, we will produce the packaging, take care of the lacquering of bottles as well as printing and fixing of labels




Delivery usually takes place in trays with 100 or 110 items each or in 1 litre bulk packs.




We supply our polishes and liquids - according to requirement and customer request - in Cosna bottles or containers.

As further services we can offer:

- designing cardboard packaging, including printing
- lacquering and/or metallisation of bottles and caps
- printing of bottles, caps and cardboard packaging, and
- printing and fixing labels.  


The minimum purchase quantity for nail polishes is 36 items per colour, wrapped or in 1 litre bulk packs. Usually, you will receive our polishes in trays of 100 or 110 items.

Delivery is ex works. It is also possible to collect but normally despatch takes place via our forwarding agent.