• cosna Klarlacke


    Clear polishes take on many roles in nail care.
    We give you clear solutions for each one.

Clear Varnishes


Top coat / Super hardener A high-shine top coat provides extra protection to polished nails.
Super hardener, matt Shiny satin finish top coat.
Go Extremely fast drying, relatively thin top coat which can also be used as a base coat.
6in1/10in1 All-in-one solution, can be used as a base coat (1), top coat (2), anti-yellowing (3) and ridge filler (4). The varnish is fast drying (5) and brightening (6).
Speed dry Special, very fast drying sealer that can be slightly toned in several shades.
Nail sealer For sealing real nails.
Scented polishes Available in many classic perfume or flowery fragrances. The scent lasts for several days after applying the polish.
Wet glaze Preserves the freshly painted look for many days. Can be used effectively as top coat for nail art on account of its thicker consistency.
Wet-Look Als ├ťber- und Unterlack verwendbar.
Whitener Lightens French-polished nails and shines under disco lights.
Anti-yellowing polish Prevents finger nails from yellowing.
Anti-biting polish Special clear varnish to prevent nail biting. Contains a bitter-tasting compound.
Base coat Base coat as an intermediate step before nail polish. Available in several colours.
Base coat with formaldehyde Nail hardener for brittle nails.
Base coat with vitamins Moisturising base coat contains vitamins, biotin and calcium.